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Rotaractor Wiki's mission is to be an online historical archive and library of Rotaract around the world.

Rotaractor Wiki began as an idea among Rotaractors during the 2012 Rotaract Pre-Convention in Bangkok, as a collective resource for Rotaractors around the world to fulfill a common need: passing down information to future Rotaractors. Only a few weeks after the pre-convention, Rotaractorwiki.org officially launched in June 2012 and its story is now unfolding with viewers & contributors such as yourself!

RotaractorWiki.org was founded by Mitty Chang in 2012. All entries are the result of collective collaboration between dozens of Rotaractors from around the world. Yvonne Kwan later would help contribute many of the base articles. In summer of 2015, RotaractorWiki project was officially adopted underneath the Big West Rotaract Multi District Information Organization (MDIO) as an official Big West Rotaract global project. Although this wiki continues to serve Rotaractors and Rotarians around the world, it is now supported as a project of Big West Rotaract MDIO.

You too can join in on the collaboration! Create your free account here and start writing entries for the Rotaract Wiki!

Administrators & Moderators

The Wiki Admins and Wiki Mods are the ones who make sure that everything is in order for the wiki. This includes regular updates & upgrades to the core wiki system, as well as anti-spam initiatives. (The admins are ALWAYS fighting spam bots in the shadows... trust us. It's ridiculous.)

We are always looking for active RotaractorWiki contributors (folks who write articles) to become moderators. Feel free to connect with us directly for more information.


Anyone and everyone can create an account on this wiki. And anyone and everyone with an account can create and edit pages on this wiki. That means that the authors and contributors of Rotaractor Wiki are all the active users of this project. This project would not be successful without these active users.

You too can become part of the project by creating an account and writing a few entries. Join and be part of Rotaract history!

Noteworthy Contributors

Below are a list of individuals who have gone up-and-beyond in contributing entries to Rotaractor Wiki. This list will be periodically updated. To get on this list, just keep writing useful wiki entries and contributing to existing entries! We'll notice. :)

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: RotaractorWiki or RotaractWiki"?
A: We originally went by RotaractorWiki since this was an unofficial project not backed by any Rotary recognized organization. The term "Rotaractor" is one of the few Rotaract terms not trademarked by Rotary International. As of the summer of 2015, RotaractorWiki has become RotaractWiki as it is now an official project of Big West Rotaract MDIO, a registered Multi District Information Organization with Rotary International.

Q: I love this! How can I help?
A: We love that you love this project! You can help by contributing posts to the pages. Everything from pages about the club you are part of, to pages about even your fellow Rotaractors, and pages about your favorite Rotaract projects. RotaractorWiki's success is completely dependent on users like you!

Q: Why does this look similar to Wikipedia.org?
A: Because we use the exact same open-source software that Wikipedia.org uses! It's called Mediawiki, and is a completely free software that allows folks around the world to create their own Wiki. So no, we didn't violate any copyrights or rip off their design by copying and pasting it... they just...give it all away for free, intentionally. You know, to make the world a better place?

Q: You made a mistake on ____ page. Or how come ____ doesn't exist here yet?
A: The answer: because we haven't had a brilliant mind like you walk in and contribute yet! Truthfully speaking, this is a completely new wiki project, and we are lacking a LOT of information. Additionally, none of the writers and contributors are paid to do any of this work, so we often work late in the night after our regular day jobs. So once in a while, there's a chance that human error (despite the fact that we double check each other's work, as well as our own work) will happen and that there may be inaccurate information on a page. Don't worry. Just log into your account and make the edit yourself--that's why it's a wiki, after all! We need users like you to help us out! If you're not comfortable with making edits, then simply click on "Discussion" for any page, and then write in the Discussion what needs to be changed or what the mistake is. An Administrator or Editor will come by later and read your comment and then investigate. Thanks!

Q: How do I contact the wiki admins or moderators?
A: Visit the Contact the Moderating Team page in order to get in touch with the wiki admins & moderators.

Special Credit

Special credit and acknowledgement needs to be given to Ashish Bhatt of the Iota Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity for his distinguished work with the Iota Phi Wiki. Most of the templates and structure of RotaractorWiki originated from the work Bhatt did in the Iota Phi Wiki.