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Every year on June 30th, Rotary International's New Generations team releases a digital publication called the "Worldwide Rotaract Directory." It contains census information regarding the total number of Rotaract Clubs and the approximate membership count for Rotaract. These numbers are obtained directly by Rotary International (RI) through reports from District Rotaract Representatives, Rotaract Club Presidents, and Rotarians. All information for each Rotaract Census is based solely on the information recorded and published by Rotary International headquarters.

In 2011, RI began mandating that Rotaract Club Presidents update their club's information via once a year. Failure to do so meant that the Rotaract Club's charter would be subject to for removal, thus effectively disbanding inactive Rotaract Clubs. Around this time, RI also began allowing DRRs and Rotaract Club Presidents access to the online membership backend. This access allowed for Rotaract leaders to update information about their clubs.

While information gathering is a work-in-progress when it comes to Rotaract, the census numbers that will come in the following years should prove to be a promising picture for better understanding Rotaract globally. Rotary International's New Generations team also generates a new statistic on Rotaract clubs every quarter.

Past Rotaract Censuses