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Directory of Rotaract Clubs

The purpose of this portal is to serve as a directory of all Rotaract Clubs around the world. This section is split into geographic areas and then ordered alphabetically by club name. Since all of the Wiki information is user-generated, this directory is most likely not exhaustive or complete. (If you don't see your club or a club you recognize on here, please add a page for it!)

Rotary International Structure

Rotary International is structured into 34 Rotary Zones around the world. As Rotaractors, we follow the pre-determined Rotary structure (zone, district). Therefore, this directory is organized first by Rotary Zone and then by District. Whenever possible, we will do our best to annotate with common geographic labels.

Geographic Regions

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Rotaract Censuses

Global Rotaract Leaders

There are variations in how every Rotaract Club is structured. At the same time, there are different international sub-organizations of Rotaract, which help bring together Rotaract in local geographic regions. A select few veteran Rotaractors are sometimes asked to serve their district as District Rotaract Representatives. Below, we have included information that will help you identify key Rotaract sub-organizations and leaders in the geographic region you are looking for.

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