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Fellowship Collection

The purpose of this portal is to serve as a resource for all Directors of Fellowship, Membership, Socials, and/or Fun in general. We hope that the pages on this portal will help to spark some ideas in your mind about what you can do to raise energy levels in your club with excitement and fun! :)


Fellowship is one of the key points of Rotary, and so it should be one of the key points for your Rotaract club as well! The purpose of fellowships is to build friendships among fellow members through activities and socials. Below, you'll find a some lists about types of fellowships you can host if you're looking to spark an idea.

Fellowship Resources

Even MORE fun stuff!

Sometimes fellowships might be a bit too much to start off with. You need something to lighten the mood among a group of new members. That's where icebreakers come in! Below, you'll find a list of examples of icebreakers to help you make new members feel more comfortable with each other. The idea is to get everyone a little bit out of their comfort zone to make new friends :)

Break the ice!


So you're a Director of Fellowship/Membership/ Socials/Fun, but the job is too overwhelming! You're only one (or two) person(s), and you just can't handle it. If this is you, take advantage of forming a committee to help you out and decrease your stress load!


Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know in the discussion section! Also feel free to share your own tips about successful fellowships and voice problems that you and your club are facing when it comes to fellowships.