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Community Guidelines

These are the overarching guidelines for all users on Please note that these are merely guidelines. The Administrators of this Wiki reserve the right to remove, suspend, delete, and ban any user. The Administrators also reserve the right to modify and delete Wiki pages. Now that that's said, we have also sworn personal oaths to uphold the Four Way Test on, and our intentions are only to see the growth of Rotaract globally. So don't let these guidelines scare you...they're really here to protect you from malicious users. (And if you're a malicious user, then, I'm sorry, these rules exist merely to destroy you and save others.)

The Golden Rules

  • Uphold the Four Way Test in everything you say, think, and do.
  • Treat EVERYONE with respect and dignity.
  • Personal advertisements (i.e. for your own business, etc.) are not allowed on RotaractorWiki, except on pages that explicitly say otherwise at the top.
  • Spammers, trolls, and other troublemakers will be dealt swiftly by the BANHAMMER.
  • Use proper English when writing any post and pages. Please AVOID slang whenever possible. That includes but is not limited to: cultural slang, internet shortwords (i.e. LOL, brt, brb, omw, gtfo), and other shorthand that you would not otherwise write in an email to your employer.
  • Please use common sense while participating in any way on this Wiki. Remember this is a PUBLIC Wiki. Assume EVERYTHING here is seen by the entire world...including your mom. If she wouldn't approve, then it's probably best not to post it.

Lastly, the Administrators feel the need to emphasize here that RotaractorWiki has no direct relationship with Rotary International (RI). This is not an official Wiki from RI; this is a project by Rotaractors for the sole purpose of helping other Rotaractors. No one is paid and no one is making royalties. If you have any questions about this Wiki, please contact the Administrators and NOT RI. (They will just tell you to contact us anyway.)