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The Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference is an annual conference hosted by a country within the Asia Pacific Region. The aim of this conference is to bring Rotaractors from around the Asia Pacific region to one venue with the objective of establishing a common ground for discussions as well as affording a platform for the sharing of views and ideas. This is with the aim of encouraging and challenging participants to develop these views and ideas into action that will bear much fruits in the future.

APRRC serves as a forum for Rotaractors to meet and learn in an environment framed by the ideals of service and progress. It is culminated in the signing of a pact among the various districts and Rotary representatives that ensures closer collaboration and stronger fellowship between clubs and districts within the Asia Pacific region.

The idea of Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference bloomed and the first conference was organized in Hong Kong in year 2004-2005 which brought Rotaractors from Malaysia,Singapore, Philippines, India, Mongolia, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and Indonesia together. [1]

The 9th APRRC held in Bangkok, Thailand was the first APRRC to be held in the same location at a similar time frame as the 2012 Rotary International Convention.

The 10th APRRC held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan was another milestone for Hi-Tech is well adopted in to the conference. Besides, they integrated the seven Rotary International Districts in Taiwan, demonstrate the power of Taiwan, and let the world see the vitality and executive skills of the Rotaractors in Taiwan! What's more, from this year, inviting a "Rotary International President's Representative" to the conference thus became a tradition and highlight. [2]

List of APRRC Host Sites

# Year Location Dates
1 2004 Hong Kong, China August 5-8
2 2005 Taipei, Taiwan August 26-29
3 2006 Tagaytay, Philippines September 3-August 3
4 2007 Malacca, Malaysia August 24-28
5 2008 Bali, Indonesia November 19-23
6 2009 Singapore November 22-25
7 2010 Sydney, Australia November 25-28
8 2011 Subic Bay, Philippines September 29-October 2
9 2012 Bangkok, Thailand April 30-May 3
10 2013 Kaohsiung, Taiwan September 7-10
11 2014 Hong Kong, China July 10-13
12 2015 Yogyakarta, Indonesia TBD