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Rotaract Club of Galatasaray
GRAC toplantı.jpg
District 2420
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Founding Date March 13, 1997
Charter Date November 20, 1999
Number of Members 33
Meeting Place Midtown Hotel, Taksim, Istanbul
Meeting Times 2nd and 4th Thursdays of Each Month
Sponsoring Club Rotary Club of Galatasaray
Web Page
Board of Directors
President Işıl Aydemir
President-Elect Ferdağ Göçek
General Secretary Zeynep Ece Kocabıyık
Treasurer Kıvanç Yazan
Immediate Past President Batuhan Pamir
Committee Chairs
Club Services Ferdağ Göçek
Community Services Erinç Araz
International Services Efe Mert Karakuş, Merve Adıgozel
Professional Development Nilay Özekinci
Public Relations Ege Su İnan
Member Development Cansu Alaeddinoğlu
IT Services Kerem Kılıç
Culturel Development Sera Çetin
Youth Forum Recep Anıl Aydemir
Career Day for the Disabled Yasemin Aydoğan
Interact Relations Recep Anil Aydemir
Bulletin Sertaç Çetinkaya
Career Day for the Disabled
Youth Forum
Project Contest
Professional Development Blog
The Twin Club Experiment Blog
Rotography Photo Contest
District Survey
Social Media
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Rotaract Club of Galatasaray (Turkish: Galatasaray Rotaract Kulübü) was established on March 13, 1997 by Rotary Club of Galatasaray. It was officially registered by International Rotary on November 20, 1999. Rotaract Club of Galatasaray has been developing and performing service projects since then until now with the volunteering youth.

The most prominent ones among the projects that have been developed by the club since its founding are the Youth Forum for the high school students (18 times), distribution of information brochures on World AIDS Day in a crowded part of the city, meetings with important and famous professionals as guest speakers, Children's Day festivals, organization of various courses of adjustment for the disabled in cooperation with related associations, forestation of various areas, stationery aids to primary schools and personal development seminars.

The Rotaract Club of Galatasaray has entered a new term on July 1, 2014 with the presidency of Işıl Aydemir. The Club continues to work with effort with its 30 members in 2014-2015 term. Let's have a closer look at the family of Galatasaray Rotaract that sets precise goals, believes in team spirit and is aware of responsibility under the successful light of our past and hopes of success for the future.


Best European Service Project Award

Rotaract Club of Galatasaray has won Best European Service Project Award 2nd Place for the project Health Scan for 2000 Children in 2009.

International Outstanding Project Award

Rotaract Club of Galatasaray has won International Outstanding Project Award for the project Integration Through Employment in 2010. [1] The project was aimed to provide vocational training and career fairs for the disabled in Istanbul, Turkey. This project is still being carried out as Career Day for the Disabled.

Twin Club Award

Twin Clubs Rotaract Club of Galatasaray and Rotaract Club of Bremen have won Twin Club Award. [2][3] Clubs have created joint bulletins, joint blog; held dinner challenges and joint meetings.

Major Projects

Youth Forum


Youth Forum is an organization where high school students from Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu and Şişli (All are large districts in Istanbul) come together and share their ideas and suggestions on a predetermined subject in groups of 10 with fellow Rotaractors as moderators. In this organization that has been performed every year in 16 years, the groups also get the chance of making a presentation of the conclusions they reach at the end of their discussion. Having a great effect of advancing the thinking and communication abilities of the youth at high school age, the Youth Forum aims to add to the shaping of future leaders. One of the best examples of this aim is one of our past presidents, who met the Rotaract family while attending that year's Youth Forum as a high school student. Youth Forum booklets are published and are distributed to the participating schools after each Youth Forum every year in May in Bosphorus University. All participants also receive a certif icate of participation. After the Youth Forum, the students that wish to keep their contact with the Rotary family may consider attending the meetings of the Interact Club of Galatasaray and have the chance of improving themselves in terms of personal development while creating their own service projects.

Career Day for the Disabled

GSRAC CareerDay.png

Career Day for the Disabled which is included in the project of Integration through Employment was successfully performed 5 times since 2010. And helped to employ dozens of disabled people. The project also provides educations to the disabled citizens. Career Day for the Disabled has been performed by Rotaract Club of Galatasaray with the help of Beşiktaş Municipility for the first time in Turkey. From this day on, the project brings together disabled citizens and employers who wish to help them. This provides job opportunities to them in public and private sectors. Moreover, they can learn about the working areas and companies. The disabled are able to ask about their career goals and interests. This projects has brought the International Outstanding Project Award to the club in the year 2011.

Making Awareness About AIDS

GSRAC Aids.png

The purpose of the AIDS awareness project is to make aware of the public about the illness and instructs them how to protect themselves. This is the 7th year of the project which has been completed since 2006. With the project, we are supporting Positive Life Association’s works and we set up our stand in Beşiktaş or Taksim Square every year, to create interest and make awareness for the people.

Stationery Aid

GSRAC StationeryAid.png

In the Stationery Help Project, which is held for the 7th time this year, we set up stands in Meydan Shopping Mall in the September 13th to 16th. We spoke with people and ask them to help us with the stationery materials for the children in need. With these material, we were able to manage 170 school bags for 1st grade students. Including the extra material we helped 300 students in total in only this year.

Health Scan

GSRAC HealthScan.png

The goal of the Health Scan Project is to determine and cure the sick students. In 2008, we deemed worthy to the 2nd position of BESP award, which is held in Yeditepe University Medical School for the screenings done in different places and schools. This project has completed in different schools till today. The one in 2008, that has taken place in Yeditepe University Medical School, has covered 2000 students and brought the 2nd place award in BESP, Best European Service Project.

April 23rd Festival

GSRAC April23rd.png

All of our club members actively work on the festival being held in the Kaptanpaşa Primary School. The goal is to cherish April 23rd, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey, with children. We play many different games, prepare contests and also dance with the children. We also give them small presents and treats. With this, Rotaract Club of Galatasaray is aiming to teach the spirit of April 23rd to the children which Atatürk, the founder of Republic of Turkey, gifted to them.

Clothing Aid

GSRAC ClothingAid.png

Our club donates new clothes to the children which is sponsored by LCW. And also members of our club and Rotary Club of Galatasaray donate well conditioned used clothes to adults in need and to the refugees at the UN Immigration Office in Istanbul. The goal of the Clothing Aid Project is to reach 2.000 people, which is increasing each year.

Almshouse Visit

GSRAC AlmshouseVisit.png

Our club regularly visits almshouses since its foundation. We bring treats in those visits and try to help the needs as much as we can. In the year or 2005, we spent time and played games with the kids in Darülaceze to improve their communication skills.